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January 7, 2022

Building A Modern Mountain Retreat

Many people imagine a mountain vacations sitting in log cabins while enjoying a fireplace. Though that is an attractive scene, the reality is that not everyone is drawn to the mystique a log cabin offers.

For those looking for something more like home, there is new trend of mountain homes that make use of the modern building materials that ensure longevity, appeal, and comfort. These homes require less maintenance and look “fresh” for a longer period of time. These modern enclaves of the mountains increases curb appeal, use, and property values. Though proven log construction still maintains many sought after aspects in today’s construction, they simply cannot keep up with the reliability, efficiency, and flexibility of modern construction. Just imagine running a new electrical line or remodeling the interior of a log cabin.

Key Factors for a Modern Mountain Home

  • Great views
  • Ample and useful outdoor areas
  • Hot tubs in valuable locations
  • Security
  • Smart Home Options
  • Metal Roofs
  • Outdoor Firepits or Fireplaces
  • Modern Insulation
  • Reliable Cooling and Heating
  • Composite Materials for outdoor railings and decks
  • Smart Lighting

Like any mountain retreat, the views are the big draw! That being said, creating outdoor areas that will enable the ability to enjoy the best assets the property has to offer is a must. Don’t stop with the outdoors, make certain you have insulated windows that will maximize the views while cooking, lounging, or sipping coffee indoors. Don’t just get a hot tub, install it in an area that will make the experience enjoyable. Many home owners get a hot tub just to get one and don’t have an appropriate place for it. This limits the hot tub’s use and value. The typical modern home has a security game plan in place. This usually starts with good lighting and modern doors and locks. Installing a security system helps and serves as a deterrent for thieves or the opportunistic ruffian. While we are on the topic of lights and security, why not consider networking all these components so that you can control your important electronics remotely, or while sitting on your couch. The ability to control the climate controls systems, lighting, shades, security, and entry ways will offer peace of mind and comfort. In addition, If this is a second home, it will allow you to assist deliveries and maintenance while you are not available.

Location is everything! Enjoy the pleasures of a mountain retreat with access to a multitude of experiences and resources. Yes, you can have the best of both worlds, seclusion, and convenience! At the same time, consider the proximity to markets, restaurants, stores, and outdoor activities. Make sure there is lots to do for the young and the young at heart. A quick drive to charming towns, native American villages, ski resorts, national parks, wineries, casinos, etc. are important components to a modern mountain home.